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October 2018 🎃 was the month I began my journey into the world of affiliate marketing. I was so sure that by the end of that year, I would have made so much money beyond my wildest dreams. 

Sadly, I made ZERO dollars 😢. What went wrong?

I followed the wrong mentors. Some gave me the wrong advice and overwhelmed me with tons of information. Others hardly responded to my messages. They made promises that I will succeed. In reality, I kept getting stuck not knowing what I should do next. One thing was very clear to me, they were after fast results😒. They didn't really care about me.

Through God's grace, I was able to find a genuine mentor who didn't care about numbers. He answered all my questions promptly and he has freely given me access to the training and the resources he uses to run his 7-figure affiliate business😁🤑.

To cut the story short, I have a new goal of helping people👋 who are going through the same experience as I had.

If you are ready to do affiliate marketing the proper way, then you need to GRAB my team's training, funnels and email swipes. This will help you create a consistent, predictable and reliable business.🚀
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Slow and Steady Wins the Race
~ Robert Lloyd~
Expert Secrets
There is a ton of information about online marketing that is completely vague, outdated and useless. If you want to learn the secret to successful online marketing, this is the first book I recommend you read.

This book will reveal to you that you are an expert in something. You have information that many people are looking to learn. This book will show you how to set up yourself as an expert so that you can be a valuable resource for many people in need of your help.

By becoming an expert, you will stop struggling in making sales. People will be happy to come and buy from you. The book is easy to read as the information has been laid out in a story-like format.
Dotcom Secrets
The Dotcom Secrets Book is like a continuation of the Expert Secrets book. It adds more knowledge on top of what you have already learned.

It teaches you how to find your right customer, attract and convert them into your tribe. The book reveals the secrets Russell Brunson uses to communicate to his dream customers.

Before you ever build a sales funnel, you must read this book first. It breaks down the entire customer journey all the way before they optin, until they make a purchasing decision.

If you are struggling writing an email marketing campaign, this book will give you a formula on how to write a sequence with high open rate.

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